Gye-Seon Lee

Department of Mathematics
Sungkyunkwan University
2066 Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu
Suwon, Gyeonggi-do 16419
South Korea

Phone: +82-(0)31-299-4522
Email: gyeseonlee [at]


Assistant Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, September 2019 - present

Postdoctoral Researcher, Universität Heidelberg, September 2012 - August 2019
Mentor: Anna Wienhard

Research Member, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, March - May 2015
MSRI program: Dynamics on moduli spaces of geometric structures

Postdoctoral Researcher, Seoul National University, April - August 2012
Mentor: Seonhee Lim

Visiting Researcher, Institut Henri Poincaré, January - March 2012
IHP program: Geometry and analysis of surface group representations

Postdoctoral Researcher, Seoul National University, September 2010 - December 2011
Mentor: Seonhee Lim

Visiting Student, University of Melbourne, February - August 2009
Advisor: Craig D. Hodgson

Mandatory Military Service, Korea, December 2001 - January 2004


PhD, Mathematics, KAIST, March 2006 - August 2010
Advisor: Suhyoung Choi
Thesis Title: Projective deformations of hyperbolic Coxeter 3-orbifolds

MSc, Mathematics, KAIST, March 2002 - February 2006
Advisor: Gyo Taek Jin
Thesis Title: A study on trisecants of spatial graphs

BSc, Mathematics (Summa cum laude), KAIST, March 1998 - February 2002

Research Interests

Geometry and Topology: Geometric structures on manifolds and orbifolds, Representation varieties,
Hyperbolic and real projective geometry, Discrete subgroups of Lie groups, Coxeter groups, Knot theory

Published or Accepted papers

A small closed convex projective 4-manifold via Dehn filling
with Ludovic Marquis and Stefano Riolo,  to appear in Publicacions Matemàtiques

Hitchin components for orbifolds
with Daniele Alessandrini and Florent Schaffhauser,  to appear in Journal of the European Mathematical Society

Convex projective generalized Dehn filling
with Suhyoung Choi and Ludovic Marquis,  Annales Scientifiques de l'École Normale Supérieure 53 (2020), 217-266

Anti-de Sitter strictly GHC-regular groups which are not lattices
with Ludovic Marquis,  Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 372 (2019), 153-186

Pappus theorem, Schwartz representations and Anosov representations
with Thierry Barbot and Viviane Pardini Valério,  Annales de l'Institut Fourier 68 (2018), 2697-2741

Convex projective structures on nonhyperbolic three-manifolds
with Samuel A. Ballas and Jeffrey Danciger,  Geometry & Topology 22 (2018), 1593-1646

Collar lemma for Hitchin representations
with Tengren Zhang,  Geometry & Topology 21 (2017), 2243-2280

Projective deformations of weakly orderable hyperbolic Coxeter orbifolds
with Suhyoung Choi,  Geometry & Topology 19 (2015), 1777-1828

Projective deformations of hyperbolic Coxeter 3-orbifolds
with Suhyoung Choi and Craig D. Hodgson,  Geometriae Dedicata 159 (2012), 125-167


Convex cocompactness for Coxeter groups
with Jeffrey Danciger, François Guéritaud, Fanny Kassel and Ludovic Marquis,  arXiv:2102.02757

Survey papers

Deformations of convex real projective manifolds and orbifolds
with Suhyoung Choi and Ludovic Marquis,   Handbook of group actions. Vol. III, 263-310
Adv. Lect. Math. (ALM), 40, Int. Press, Somerville, MA, 2018


Lecturer: Topics in Topology & Linear algebra
Sungkyunkwan University, Spring 2021

Lecturer: Topology II & Algebraic Topology
Sungkyunkwan University, Fall 2020

Lecturer: Differential geometry I
Sungkyunkwan University, Spring 2020

Lecturer: Topology II & Linear algebra
Sungkyunkwan University, Fall 2019

Lecturer: Coxeter groups and geometry (RTG program 2229)
Universität Heidelberg and Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Spring 2018

Lecturer: Geometry of manifolds
Universität Heidelberg, Spring 2017

Lecturer: Differential geometry II
with Anna Wienhard,  Universität Heidelberg, Fall 2016

Seminar Advisor: Geometry of Lie groups
with Daniele Alessandrini,  Universität Heidelberg, Spring 2016

Seminar Advisor: Geometric structures on manifolds
Universität Heidelberg, Fall 2015

Seminar Advisor: Introduction to Riemannian geometry
with Anna Wienhard,  Universität Heidelberg, Spring 2015

Seminar Advisor: Differential forms and their use
Universität Heidelberg, Fall 2014

Seminar Advisor: Knot theory and its applications
Universität Heidelberg, Spring 2014

Seminar Advisor: Hyperbolic geometry, symmetry groups, and more
with Anna Wienhard,  Universität Heidelberg, Fall 2013

Seminar Advisor: Characteristic classes
with Anna Wienhard and Laura Schaposnik,  Universität Heidelberg, Spring 2013

Seminar Advisor: Curves and surfaces
with Anna Wienhard and Laura Schaposnik,  Universität Heidelberg, Fall 2012

Lecturer: Linear algebra
Seoul National University, Fall 2011

Lecturer: Calculus
Seoul National University, Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

Awards or Honors

Samsung Science & Technology Foundation grant, August 2020 - present
A study on convex real projective Dehn filling

NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea) grant, March 2020 - February 2023
A study on discrete representations of Coxeter groups

DFG(German Research Foundation) grant, April 2017 - March 2020
Hitchin components for orbifolds within the Priority program: SPP 2026 Geometry at Infinity
with Daniele Alessandrini

Klaus-Georg und Sigrid Hengstberger-Preis, Universität Heidelberg, October 2014
with Daniele Alessandrini and Ana Peón-Nieto

KRF(Korea Research Foundation) grant, March - August 2009
The deformation spaces of real projective structures on 3-dimensional orbifolds

Conferences Organized

Geometric structures and Representation varieties
with Daniele Alessandrini,  Universität Heidelberg, 19 - 22 February 2018

Higher Teichmüller theory and Higgs bundles: Interactions and new trends
with Daniele Alessandrini and Ana Peón-Nieto,  Universität Heidelberg, 2 - 6 November 2015

Geometric structures and Representation varieties
with Sungwoon Kim,  KIAS, 10 - 14 November 2014

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